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Do you need help with :

  • Private thoughts, personal feelings or behaviours that are intruding on your life? The core conditions of Individual Psychotherapy (Empathy, Congruence and Unconditional Positive Regard) enable the speaking of the unspeakable safely and in such a way that you are heard and understood.
  • Finding yourself doing the same things again and again expecting a different result? Compulsions, obsessions and repeated patterns respond well to the close attention of Individual Psychotherapy by addressing the underlying issues in a safe environment.
  • Arguments that repeat and go round and round without resolution? Circular discussions often come from emotional positions related to defence mechanisms which have their origin in early life and are actually beyond their 'use by' date. Explore these through Relationship Counselling.
  • Understanding how you or your lover behave in relationship difficulties? People are often mystified or terrified by their lover's or their own strong emotions. Talking these through can alleviate reactivity and prevent relationships from breaking down.
  • Is your relationship in crisis or heading that way? Are you "at your wit's end"? Perhaps things have gone further already than you ever thought they could... Relationship counselling is much more successful the earlier it is embarked upon. Don't wait, act now. Email me
  • Have you "gone cold" in your relationship and don't know why? The loss of the deliciousness of intimacy can be very frightening but there is always an explanation. Nothing happens for no reason. Individual psychotherapy can provide explanations, insights and experiments for change.
  • Are you having an affair with someone else? Or wanting to? Or do you think your lover is? Individual Psychotherapy and Relationship Counselling see affairs as an indication of a problem with intimacy, not the cause of it... Don't be scared to explore this painful and possibly turbulent part of your love life...

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Do you you struggle with any of these issues and want to find a way through?

  • Childhood Trauma can "lock up" relationships, which then become the stage for the painful return of repressed memories.
  • Are you affected by Past sexual abuse? Although this is much in discussion in our community at the moment, it can still be the hardest thing to turn your attention to personally. Perhaps the current publicity given to this is revealing something to you about your own experience... Great distress can be relieved by making the courageous move to talk about it.
  • Read more here about Gender and Sexuality, sex or love addictions, (or other addictions) mis-matching of desire, impotence and other sexual problems.
  • Are you considering Relationship Counselling, also known as Couples Therapy? Relationships are the crucible in which so much human difficulty is smelted; a kind of collecting place for all those experiences that we have not been able to understand or resolve or complete... I have been doing couple therapy for more than 19 years.
  • Affairs shake love partnerships to the core - betrayal has a such a sharp cutting edge. Explore a different way to make sense of this.
  • Arguments, the war zone of relationships, can do relentless emotional damage to whole families. Anger has two faces : a fire for change; and the fuel for destruction. Learn how to stop arguments and use anger constructively.
  • Depression serves to protect otherwise unbearable losses or conceal unresolved inner conflicts. Anxiety often goes hand-in-hand with depression and tells you something needs your attention. Understand how to explore your depression and listen to your anxiety and use both for change.
  • Early childhood experience creates particular Attachment wounds or styles which then reappear in our love relationships as recursive yearnings or under-cover resentments. Do you know what your attachment style is?
  • Self confidence and self esteem can easily be lost in the complexities of relationships and affects intimacy and communication. Self image is formed early in life; and although intellect can defy it, the feelings often linger unconsciously undermining pleasure and satisfaction.

    Go to my page Issues That Arise to read more about these issues or have more information sent to you.

    Email me if you have questions about any of these issues and I will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible. All enquiries are CONFIDENTIAL. You can also telephone me on +61 422 187189.

About me...

  • I offer Individual Psychotherapy and Relationship Counselling in Inner North Melbourne.
  • I am a qualified and experienced Individual Psychotherapist and Couple Therapist with more than 26 years experience in practice in both Australia and the UK.
  • I am a Registered Clinical Member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and work to their professional and ethical standards.(PACFA to read about these - afterwards click your browser back button to return to my website.)
  • I am also a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) in the UK.
  • My core qualification in this field is a Graduate Diploma in Systemic Psychotherapy completed under the auspices of The University of New South Wales.
  • My first degree is in English and Philosophy (University of Stirling in Scotland).
  • I have two Certificated Counselling qualifications also completed in Australia whilst working with Relationships Australia in Hobart in the 1990's. I have also worked for Relate in the UK.
  • In 2015 I qualified as an Encounter Centred Couple Therapist following the ideas of Hedi Schlieffer in the USA. Click here to read more about this straightaway...
  • I have conducted in excess of 15,000 sessions over the last 26 years with individuals and couples.

For three years I worked at the Phoenix Centre in Hobart as a counsellor with the survivors of torture and war trauma in the refugee community. I am accustomed to working in the most difficult of circumstances; and with interpreters.

I have worked extensively with relationship issues; and I am happy to see individuals, couples or families in this context. Read more here about the differences between individual work and couple work. Or click here to go back to my list of possible issues affecting you...

How to find me...

I offer Individual Psychotherapy and Relationship Counselling in Inner North Melbourne. I draw clients from Carlton, Collingwood, Clifton Hill, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Thornbury and Northcote.

Registered Business Names : Psychotherapy Melbourne. Counselling Northcote
Practitioner : Simon Weber BA, Grad. Dip. Systemic Psychotherapy.
PO Box 233, Northcote, Victoria 3070.
Email me here. Telephone : 0422 187189.
All enquiries are completely confidential.

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