Psychotherapy Melbourne Simon Weber BA, Grad. Dip. Systemic Psychotherapy

Clinical Supervision.

I have been supervising other therapists for 17 years. I started supervising one-to-one at Relationships Australia in Hobart in the year 2000; and since then I have supervised students in training at City college in Plymouth in the UK as part of their course requirement; and also other private practice therapists in my professional network both in England and Australia.

I have considerable experience in running Peer Supervision Groups. In England, I was an active member of two groups, one a fortnightly two-hour group (of which I was a member for 14 years); the other, a Gestalt Practitioner Group in North Devon, meeting for a day every six-weeks, (member for 10 years). Apart from establishing sound group work skills and deepening my own private practice work, these groups have taught me about a wide range of difficulties that therapists encounter in their work both professionally and personally; and ways to work through them.

In particular I have substantial experience in supervising couple work. One of my skills is assisting therapists who have no specific training in couple work, but who find their individual work leads to their clients bringing in their partners or lovers. This can be very confusing even for experienced one-to-one therapists, since the therapeutic engagement of a couple is so different to that for an individual client.

Join one of my Peer Supervision Groups! I run supervision groups for up to eight therapists, where, although I take responsibility for the organising, the active principles are mutual professional and personal support; equality of each member regardless of experience; and enjoyment of our work! Often I incorporate a 'reading' into group supervision to guide us through particular problems that arise with clients.

I am happy to supervise via Skype after an initial face-to-face first session. I like to have refresher face-to-face sessions with supervisees annually, if possible.

I am also available to carry out professional supervision in organisations where there is a requirement for external clinical supervision that is separated from management responsibilities. Email me for more details...

Contact me by email, or phone me on 0422 187189, to tell me about your supervision needs and aspirations. Fees vary according to numbers in a group, with every effort being made to keep them low. For one-to-one supervision I try to set fees according to client load, starting at $80 per one-hour session for part-time practitioners, going up to $140 for full-timers.

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